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The Culture CLINIC

Dedicated to producing thriving and high performing youth while instilling leadership and cultural education. The culture  clinic is offered to juniors and seniors in Palm Beach County after school for one hour twice a month.


The students will  participate in a 4-part series workshop that will seek to educate, build financial literacy, and connect them to the  continent of Africa through African American studies, community development skills, entrepreneurship training, and  scholarship opportunities. The workshops are curated to challenge the students and empower a generation of change  agents.  

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In the United States nearly 46 million people identify themselves as Black or African American.16% of  those report having mental health issues, that is over 7 million people. Studies show that Black and  African American teenagers are more likely to attempt suicide than their white counterparts. Treatment  issues, attitudes, and access to insurance all deter the community from seeking and receiving the mental  health support they deserve.


With the Mindful ME! program teens and adults in Palm Beach County will have access to FREE mental  health services. Through partnering with local Licensed Mental Health Counselors individuals will receive  individualized treatment and support.


Our Program Goals:  

To provide 4 individuals in 2023 with financial support for 9 therapy sessions.  


Because the African American community is disproportionately affected in the areas of health/wellness  outcomes, economic education, and accessibility to wealth building resources, we have created workshops  designed to connect the community with leading community experts. Through our workshops, adults in  Palm Beach County will gain access to intricate knowledge in financial literacy, credit repair, home buying  assistance, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness education.  


Kids Dancing

For many, access to affordable housing, quality healthcare and education for their children is a luxury. It is why Juneteenth of PBC exists. 

We desire to cultivate networks and opportunities for our people. Through strategic programming and community initiatives we

aim to help provide the tools and confidence necessary for us to thrive.



In all things, it is essential to operate with integrity. When you support Juneteenth PBC, be it through volunteerism or financial means, you can rest assured that we will be wise stewards over your investment and that fiscal impropriety of any form is frowned upon. We take your belief in our mission seriously, and we will never stop working to earn your continued support.


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As a village we are a people with unique history. We were known to have a deep sense of community. We pledge to continue that legacy by infusing our dedication and passion to serve you. Our programs are designed to cater to the intricate parts of life and will enhance

our connection as a people.


Solidarity is how we win.



We exist to empower our people to build their own tables and determine who sits at them. With curated curriculums and workshops 



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